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My First Yoga Retreat – How The Healing Began!

Jan 27I never expected to learn so much from a 7-day yoga retreat, and believe me I was a little skeptical. I just knew one thing: I needed to get away, to rebuild my insides and experience life in a destination that was far away from where my home is in LA.

I decided to go away with my yoga mentor and teacher Shelley to Costa Rica for my first retreat 7 years ago. Man, if you would have told me I was going to get an education and experience things like this I would have never believed you.

First off, the travel part was fun, meeting new people on this trip was…okay, a bit scary, but we all managed to get to know each other. I just had to realize I was going to be living, breathing, eating and hanging out with all these people for the next 7 days and I was going to like it!

What I didn’t realize was these people would become my besties for the next 7 days, seeing me laugh, love, maybe shed a tear or two, but more than that I would get to see them all in the same way. We would all get to know each other through daily yoga, hikes, surfing, mediations, singing, laughing, eating and playing together. Yes, it’s just like camp but better cause it’s for us adults.

I couldn’t ask for a better time! We all become really good together pretty fast. I got to room with two people that I hardly knew and it was helpful just to let my hair down and tell them all about myself. I was going through a pretty weird time in my life, trying to figure some things out in my head and with work and relationships. They were always willing to listen and I was always there for them too.

We Did Yoga Together Every Day, Breathing And Moving Like This Was Really Comforting And Joined Us All Together As A Cohesive Group.
Eating, chatting, having tea, coffee, drinks and “just being” was such a great experience. Life slows down when you are away even though our trip was packed with adventures. We had time to sit and chat, to learn about others to grow. It was fabulous.

We hiked, we surfed, we jumped off from trees and cliffs and ran and chased and slept. Yes, after all that we were exhausted. Sleeping came easy, even though the jungle is full of life and energy.

I got to free robux know my yoga teacher much better too. Shelley was amazing; she had to deal with all 12 of us and she did it with such style and grace. She was amazing, she was learning too I could see, she was growing and changing just like the rest of us.

Yes my yoga practice got a bit better, yes my surfing got a little better, yes I ate some of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life, but mostly I enjoyed the people, the place, the experience. So if I were to put this all into one final phrase of what was best about my first yoga retreat I would have to say:

“Experience Changed Me Forever.”
I’ll never be the same after that, I knew this was something I would do over and over again and I have. I’ve been to 4 yoga retreats myself with other instructors. I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s amazing how much a person can grow in such a short time if we are open to the experience and we have an open mind. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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